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П’ятниця, 12 Грудня, 2014
Автор: Olena Rosul

Glasses on a book

Despite being a bookworm my whole life, I must admit I’m not a very good at literature.

During my school years I had read tons of books including those other kids knew (if knew) only by their titles in textbooks. Dostoyevsky, Pushkin, Chekhov, Mark Twain, Lermontov, Lesya Ukrainka, Bulgakov, Shakespeare and many others. I don’t mean the works we had to read according to the school program, but the ones left to our own choice.

And still, I missed a lot (and I mean A LOT) of great works of great writers.

For example, I only discovered Jane Austen a couple of years ago and only after seeing «Pride and Prejudice» TV-show (1995). The same goes for Elizabeth Gaskell and many others.

«Great Gatsby»? Not until last month. «Jeeves and Wooster» by Wodehouse? I wish (though I remember watching it on TV a long time ago). Kafka? Virginia Woolf? Marcel Proust? Sisters Bronte? E.M. Forster?

Now let me stop for a moment and explain one thing. By throwing all those names to you I don’t mean to say I was reading only classic even as a schoolgirl. Exactly the opposite—I might have missed a lot of good books because the large part of my reading belonged for Isaac Asimov, Harry Harrison, Stephen King, Andrew Norton, brothers Strugatsky, Alexandre Dumas, Paul Anderson, Robert Heinlein, and—

Well, you get the point.

Today I’m coming back to my reading habits and trying to catch up with some great authors I’ve missed before. I have a LOOOOONG reading list, and maybe—just maybe, for example, if I skip the part where I’m re-reading «War and Peace» by Leo Tolstoy—one day I will see its last item checkmarked.

If not… Well, I hope at least I will have some fun during this journey.

What are your reading plans right now?

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